Do you want a low shedding dog? Take a look at these low shedding dog breeds. Shedding is a natural process for dogs and humans. There are some dogs that shed more, some dogs that shed less, some dogs shed twice a year, and there are hairless (which are mostly hairless) dogs.

Then there are dogs that shed very little hair. Some dogs have curly or very wavy hair that will trap the loose hair until you comb or brush it out. Most of these dogs will require regular grooming and some will need clipping, depending on the dog and the owner.

Low Shedding Dog Breeds

Shih Tzu

low shedding dog breeds shih tzuA very friendly dog, the Shih Tzu is a small dog that needs regular grooming although it sheds very little hair. You can brush your dog every day to remove any tangles from their long hair that continuously grows.

You can have their hair trimmed to make it easier to maintain, or you can let it grow long requiring more time. The longer hair is beautiful, but it takes time to maintain properly.


low shedding dog breed poodleThe Standard Poodle, the Toy Poodle, and the Miniature Poodle are different sizes of Poodles. They are very friendly and smart dogs with thick wavy hair that needs regular grooming.

Brushing your Poodle will remove loose hair that is trapped in it’s coat. Regular clipping of the coat will make brushing easier.

Bichon Frise

low shedding bichon friseFriendly and playful, the Bichon Frise is a small high maintenance dog. They have white wavy to curly hair that needs to be brushed daily to prevent mats from forming.

You must trim the hair around the eyes to prevent tearing. To keep their coat white and clean, they will need a bath every two weeks.

Chinese Crested

low shedding chinese crestedThere are two types of Chinese Crested dogs, the hairless and the powderpuff. A very small dog that bonds closely and does not want to be alone.

They need to be kept in a warm environment and their body hair must be clipped for healthy skin. This breed will enjoy a sweater or shirt to keep them warm.

Border Terrier

border terrier low shedding dog breedThe Border Terrier is smart, loyal, fearless, determined, and loving with a good temperament. They make great family dogs, but they like to dig and they have a high energy level.

A weekly brushing of their wiry hair is needed to remove any loose hair. They have strong hunter instincts and will hunt rodents.

dog cairn terrierCairn Terrier

Toto from the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”, is a small breed dog that is intelligent, confident, independent and friendly dog who will be a good family dog. They are dominate over other dogs, which can lead to quarrels.

Their double coat, a wiry longer outer coat with a soft undercoat, should be brushed once a week and trimmed a few times a year.


low shedding dog breed havaneseA small lap dog, the Havanese is friendly and easygoing, but they may suffer from separation anxiety when they are alone, away from their family.

With a long silky coat, they will need regular grooming, including daily brushing. Some people keep their coat clipped shorter to make it easier to care for.


low shedding dog breeds schnauzerSchnauzers come in three different sizes: giant, standard, and miniature. They are confident and fast learners, but you must be firm with training.

They have a wiry coat on top, with a soft undercoat. Clipping the hair will remove the wiry top coat, making it easier to brush and maintain.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier low shedding dog breedsThe Yorkshire Terrier is a small, alert, lively, and smart lapdog that needs regular grooming. They are affectionate towards their owners but will bark at strangers and strange sounds.

You can either clip their hair short or let it grow long. A Yorkshire Terrier with long hair will need to be combed and brushed once a day to remove tangles and prevent matting.

The dog breeds above are low shedding dog breeds, although there are other low shedding breeds. There are also many mixed breed dogs that are low shedding dogs. If you are looking for a low shedding dog, contact your local dog shelter and they will be able to help you find the perfect dog.

If you are looking for a particular purebred dog, look for a purebred rescue group in your area. There are many purebred rescue groups that really know the specific breed that they rescue.

Do you have a low shedding dog? Share a comment or story below. The information on this website is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian, dog trainer, or dog behavioral specialist.