Pug DogLow energy dog breeds are perfect if you want a dog that will share the couch with you. Do you like to take a leisurely walk with a furry friend? Maybe you can’t walk fast or you have a low energy level.

Low energy people need to look for a low energy dog breed. Take a look at these low energy dog breeds to find the perfect dog to match your lifestyle.

English BulldogEnglish Bulldog

An English Bulldog is happy to share the couch with you, although they do need some exercise. Short walks are fine for this low energy dog.

English Bulldogs have a funny personality but they can’t tolerate high temperatures due to their short snout. Overheating is a common occurrence when exposed to hot temperatures for an extended length of time.


The Bullmastiff is a very big dog that doesn’t need a big yard. Built large and strong, they are calm dogs with low energy requirements although they can weigh 100 pounds or more.

A Bullmastiff is good around children but they need a firm pack leader.  Patience and consistency will be require for training and they are fearless and will protect their owner and/or family.

Pug DogPug

Twenty minutes of exercise a day will satisfy a Pug’s energy requirements. Although they are playful, even though they are not very active, being a perfect lapdog.

They can’t handle high or low temperatures, and enjoy being inside. Pugs are a friendly and playful dog breed good with other animals and children. With their muscular build, they are a sturdy small breed dog.

french bulldogFrench Bulldog

A short walk will satisfy the French Bulldog’s energy requirements or playtime inside. They are friendly and calm, and love to cuddle in your lap and sleep.

French Bulldogs don’t like hot humid weather and they prefer to be inside with air conditioning. Just like the English Bulldog, French Bulldogs tend to overheat in hot weather.

shih tzuShih Tzu

Shih Tzu’s are cute, proud, friendly, and sweet. With a low energy level, short walks or playtime inside will make them happy. Bred to be companion dogs, they are good with children and other animals.

Keep outside activities to a minimum during high temperatures and humidity as they are susceptible to overheating. Due to their long hair they will need regular grooming.


A Greyhound is happy with less than twenty minutes a day of exercise. Short walks are appropriate with a Greyhound, as they prefer to sleep most of the day.

Running fast is one of their traits, but they lack endurance. They are sensitive so you need to use lots of praise along with positive reinforcement when training.


A Chihuahua needs less than twenty minutes a day of exercise. With their small size, they are satisfied with playing inside or curled up in your lap for a good sleep.

They thrive on attention and companionship, and are fearless when confronting larger dogs. These small dogs like to be warm, so a sweater may be necessary.

basset houndsBasset Hound

This breed, the Basset Hound, is a lazy dog when they are inside. They are very happy taking a nap on the couch with you.

But once they are outside, they are very alert sniffing everything. Yes, I mean everything. They are good with kids and other animals.


With short legs, the Pekingese requires little exercise and is happy being inside. On hot days, they can’t spend too much time outside as they overheat quickly.

Playtime inside with air conditioning is perfect for a Pekingese as they don’t like high temperatures and they tend to overheat.

mixed breed dogMixed Breed

Mixed breed dogs can be a good choice. Visit a dog shelter and talk to the shelter staff about low energy dogs.

A dog mixed with the above breeds would be a good choice as they all are low energy dogs, although low energy dogs are not limited to these breeds.

senior dogSenior Dogs

For a low energy dog, consider adopting a senior dog. Senior dogs are very grateful for being adopted and they will be very loyal to you.

Most senior dogs are calm and like relaxing, and they like to take naps. Senior dogs can be a good choice for senior citizens and busy families.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a dog is their energy level compared to your energy level. Pick a dog with an energy level equal to or less than yours.

Proper exercise each day can prevent many behavioral problems such as inappropriate chewing, digging, or excessive barking. The old saying is true, “A tired dog is a good dog”.

Do you have a favorite low energy dog breed? Feel free to leave a comment or share a story below. The information on this website is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian, dog trainer, or dog behavioral specialist.