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How to Teach a Dog to Walk on a Leash

How does your dog walk on a leash? Is it pleasant or is your dog pulling you around? Who is walking who? Keep reading to find out how to teach a dog to walk on a leash. From a dog’s point of view, walking on a leash is not natural. Unless your dog has received […]

How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

Do you want to teach your dog tricks? I believe the best way to train your dog is using positive reinforcement and rewards. Rewarding good behavior will benefit you and your dog, and it will help you to build trust with your dog. A training session will give you one on one time with your […]

Training Your Puppy

You added a new member to your family, a puppy. Training your puppy is a challenge that you and your puppy can overcome. Are you asking, where do I start? For many years to come you will receive unconditional love from your furry friend. Puppies can be lots of fun, but you must teach your […]

Trained Dogs are Happy Dogs

Did you know that trained dogs are happy dogs? Who doesn’t want their dog to be happier? Do you want to be happier along with your dog? Dogs love to please their owners and training your dog gives them an opportunity to please their owners. A trained dog is not only a happier dog, their […]

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