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Dogs and Fireworks Don’t Mix

Does your dog tremble and shake at loud noises? At the sound of “bang”, is your dog running to hide? Many dogs say that dogs and fireworks don’t mix. People find fireworks entertaining and fun to look at but many dogs find that the bright lights and loud noises are very scary. Keep reading to […]

Dog Friendly Vacations

Do you take dog friendly vacations with your dog? Some dogs, and owners for that matter, want to spend all of their time together, including vacation time. Today, there are many dog friendly places you can take your dog with you. If you are not the one to leave your dog with a dog sitter, […]

New Year and Dogs

New Year and Dogs, How to Keep Your Dog Calm The New Year and dogs can be a disaster. Most people celebrate the New Year with fireworks and parties with friends and family which is fun for humans, but not for dogs. Fireworks, noise makers, and people cheering can be scary for your dog leaving […]

Pets as a Gift can be a Bad Idea

Puppies and dogs can be cute and cuddly, but you must care for them their complete lifetime which will require time, energy, and money. Giving pets as a gift can be a bad idea. Can you imagine receiving a gift that continues to cost you time, energy, and money? Think about it! Not everyone is […]

Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Where to Buy Gifts for Dogs? and Dog Lovers too! Shopping for Christmas gifts for dogs can be a lot of fun, especially when shopping for toys. After your dog receives the gift, it will be even more fun for both of you. My dog has a stocking that I hang up and place toys […]

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