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The Whippet is a medium size sighthound that is powerful and fast. They can run at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. That’s a fast dog! After that quick run, they will be happy sleeping inside and being lazy. Origin The Whippet was developed in northern England by crossing Greyhounds and long legged terriers […]


Bloodhound The Bloodhound is a scent hound with a remarkable nose for tracking of animals and people. Once they catch a scent it can be hard to regain their attention. It will take time and patience to train a Bloodhound. Origin The precise origin of the Bloodhound is unknown, it is believed to have descended […]


The Beagle is a small scent hound and one of America’s favorite hound dogs, due to their happy and friendly personality making them good with children. Although many Beagles hunt in packs tracking rabbits and other small game, many are family dogs and make their families a part of their pack. Origin Some people believe […]


The Dachshund is a small dog breed and is a scent hound that will follow its prey into burrows. The word, Dachshund, means badger dog. Dachshunds are small enough to live in an apartment and with their small size they can play inside as well as outside. They have an unusual shape, short and long, […]

Basset Hound

A Basset Hound can make a wonderful family pet with their tolerant attitudes. They are good with children and have low energy levels. It’s quite funny when they try it on your lap, as they think they are a lapdog. Basset Hound Origin The Basset Hound originated in France. In French, the name Basset comes […]

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