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Australian Shepherd

Did you know that the Australian Shepherd is not from Australia? How could the Australian Shepherd not be an Australian dog breed? Keep reading to find out! Australian Shepherds can make good family dogs and will play with older children for hours, although you have to be careful with younger children as they will tend […]


The Collie dog breed is affectionate, loyal, smart and sensitive. Do you know the most famous Collie of all time? If you guessed Lassie, you are correct. Collies can have a short smooth coat or a long rough coat. The smooth coat Collie tends to need more mental and physical stimulation than the rough coat […]

Border Collie

Border Collie dogs are very smart, high energy dogs that need space to run. Training is necessary with this breed to release their mental energy and physical energy to avoid bad behaviors developing. They were bred to herd sheep and they enjoy having a job to do, although they may have to be taught to […]

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog is a proud little dog that is fast and light on it’s feet, as well as being a graceful jumper. Excelling at agility and obedience competitions, they are very smart and learn quickly. They are good with children but because of their strong herding instincts, they must to taught not to herd […]

German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs were developed to assist shepherds with herding and protecting their sheep. Today they are used for a variety of jobs including but not limited to drug and bomb sniffing dogs, service dogs and guard dogs. Origin Originating in Germany during the 1800’s, the breed developed from herding and farm dogs for the purpose […]

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