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Aggression in Dogs

You are taking a leisurely walk with your dog when you come upon a stranger. Your dog stands high with it’s ears forward, tail held high and begins a low growl, exhibiting warning signs for aggression. Your dog is telling the person to stay away. Aggression in dogs can be a serious problem and the […]

Stop a Dog From Chewing Inappropriately

I wonder why puppies and dogs think the remote control for the TV is something they should chew on. Are they trying to chew their way to their favorite channel? How do you stop a dog from chewing inappropriately? Chewing on inappropriate objects is common in puppies and young dogs. They have to be taught […]

Socializing Can Prevent Dog Behavior Problems

Why do I need to socialize my dog? Dogs are naturally fearful of new experiences. You need to introduce your dog to new experiences to teach them that they don’t need to fear them. Socializing can help prevent dog behavior problems. Fear can lead to many dog behavior problems including aggression. If a dog feels […]

How to Stop a Dog From Digging

Are you wondering how to stop a dog from digging? Does your dog like to dig in the dirt? There are several reasons why a dog will dig. Some dog breeds are natural diggers, like terriers, they love to dig. Herding and sporting dogs do also. How to stop a dog from digging is the […]

Stop My Dog From Barking!

Do you have a dog that barks excessively? Someone walks by your house and the barking continues until the person is out of sight. You are probably thinking, Stop my dog from barking! You will need to teach your dog when to not bark. Exposing your dog or puppy to different environments, including people and […]

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