two dogs in truckFlorida has spent the last week preparing, experiencing and recovering from Hurricane Irma. Irma was a very large and powerful hurricane.

Many people had to evacuate their homes to stay safe. During the past week we had to evacuate our home because of Hurricane Irma.

We packed our trucks with supplies, including hurricane kits for our two dogs, our cat and ourselves. We include extra water and a first aid kit.

Pet Friendly Shelters

I am very happy to say that the county that we live in continued to open pet friendly shelters for everyone with a pet that wanted to be in a shelter.

People were encouraged to not leave their pets at home if they evacuated. They started with one pet friendly shelter and later opened two more.

Local Animal Shelters

Instead of needing help to provide care for dogs, some local shelters are helping shelters in other parts of the state that have taken in many animals.

There are many animal shelters and rescue groups in the area where I live and many people here will adopt animals instead of buying them.

Evacuation Kit For Your Dog

Each year at the beginning of hurricane season I create evacuation kits for my family, including my pets. Here’s a tip for those that feed your dog canned food, take along a manual can opener. You should also make sure your pets have an ID tag on their collar or harness, including your phone number.

Evacuation kits for my dogs include:

  • Water, one gallon per day plus an extra gallon to rinse your dog if needed
  • Food, keep dry food in plastic bags that seal
  • Bowls for food and water, collapsible bowls work well
  • Medications, they can be difficult to replace during a disaster
  • Leash, use a 6 foot leash to keep your dog close to you
  • Blanket, for your dog to lay on
  • Current photo of your dog in case you get separated
  • Proof of Vaccinations, kennels and shelters may require proof
  • Chew Toys or bones for your dog to play with or chew on
  • Life Jacket, if you live in an area that may flood
  • Crate or Carrier, to contain your dog for their safety

black dogOur Experience With Irma

We were lucky and we did not have to evacuate for a long period of time. We were back home within a day and we had no damage to our home.

For a few days we didn’t have electricity and the heat index was around 105 degrees F. I would put the dogs in my truck to cool them off several times a day.

A few days later our electricity was back on and we were cooling off inside of our home with the air conditioning once again.

Many people in Florida need your help to recover from Hurricane Irma. Click here to visit The Miami Foundation’s web page with a list of organizations providing help.

Some of the organizations are in need of volunteers as well as donations. Many people have lost their homes along with everything inside.

Do you have an evacuation plan for your family and pets? Leave a comment below or share a story about your dog. The information on this website is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian, dog trainer, or dog behavioral specialist.